The first interactrive sport and show on Web3

How it works

Raw War is the first and unique videogame in real life, design, weapons and gameplay in perfect COD style.

The format is simple. Sign up, individually or as a team, invite other people copying the referral button and actively participate in the community.

Each of these actions will allow you to accumulate points to get access the real Raw physical event.
The teams that obtain the most points will receive a package containing a ticket for the event, including travel and accommodation, and will be able to fight for glory and a rich prize pool.

If you and your team have not accumulated enough points, you can still participate in the event by purchasing the ticket with RAW token or euros.

Scroll the page to find out in detail each phase of the game and find out everything about Raw War.

Get ready, the battle is about to begin!



Player Season 0

Min 1500 - Max 25000

0 — 250 — 500 — 750 — 1000 — 1250 — 1500 —

Create a team with the best soldiers, invite your friends and complete the quests to earn points, the season starts at 1500 subscribed users.

Earn points

Create a team with the best soldiers, invite your friends and complete the quests to earn points, the season starts at 1500 subscribed users.


Invite your friends

Complete your squad with an invte link and invite new soldiers through our referral program.


L-NFTs GAME ( Levelable-NFTs )

Earn point throuhg our L-NFTs game.
Collect blueprints, camo and level your NFTs in our collectible game. All the NFTs will be limited.


Join our community

Be an active participant to the community to earn more points. Follow us on instagram and join our telegram official channel.


Online tournaments

Play with or against us during our live streams and RAW tournaments to earn points

At the end of the season, the teams that do not participate in the event will receive a RAW token airdrop based on the number of points accumulated.

Raw equipment

The game is built on IoT and smart devices, supported by mobile applications, drones, smart cameras and interactive streaming.

Raw War represents a dynamic evolution of first person shooter video games: fully embedded and IoT-enabled gameplay. When players are knocked out they will feel a slight jolt through their armor and the weapons will cease to function until an in-game respawn protocol is completed.

Player safety is our first consideration and any physical contact between players is strictly prohibited.




The rarest nft in the RAW world, it allows you to participate in one event of your choice.



UAVs, drones attack and custom weapons, all in limited series.
Power ups are essential during an IRL event, they allow you to have an advantage over the enemies, usable by in-game players or by spectators via interactive streaming.



Burnable NFTs represent super rare collectibles created in collaboration with international artists.
Owners can decide whether to keep it in their wallet, resell it on the black market, or burn it and delete it forever from the network, receiving the physical object at home signed by the artist.



We are developing the first interactive real life gaming platform, spectators will be able to contribute during the game, helping allies or complicating the life of enemies using tokens, points and nft.

Much more to come


RAW is the the Native Asset of our Army, the utility and governance token of our ecosystem.

Create a team with the bravest soldiers, invite your friends and complete the quests to earn points. Teams with more points will receive the ticket and will be able to fight during the live matches and tournamenets for rich prizes.

* RAW WAR Membership doesn't guarantee the access to the live matches and events.

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