How Raw War membership works?

With our membership you have full access to exclusive Raw content and quests restricted to our community.
Earn points, persona and team panels, factory and nft secondary market.
Much more to come during next upgrades.

How can i use the referral link?

You will find your referral link clicking the plus button in the scoryboard, in your personal panel or in the team panel below the quests. For every new user you will eanr points and tokens depending on their tier.

What can I do with my account?

With your account you will have access to all the functionalities of the website, in first person or with your team.
Your account works even as an identifier, for playing during live matches and tournament earning points during the season it's necessary.

How can I deactivate my account?

You just need to send us an email to, past subscription payments are not refundable.

How a community token works?

Raw token is an utility token, it works as a reward for the best soldiers and teams. You will receive a first airdrop at the subscription, for other rewards you have to be active in the community.

How do I obtain Raw tokens?

At the subscription you will receive an airdrop if you want to use the tokens, the platform works even without tokens.
For more rewards you need to complete quests or help us grow the community.
During the season we will add more quests and challenges.

How burn wortheks?

For a further reward to our users for every target reached by the community we will reduce the tokens in circulation.

What are raw points?

The points are needed to proceed through the season, the teams with more points will participate for free at the event, travel and accomodation included.
At the end of the season teams that are not qualified to the match will be able to exchange points for RAW tokens.

How can I earn more points?

For every season we will provide different quests and challenges to earn more points. You can start now inviting more friends to subscribe to climb the rankings.


Our NFTs are incredibly rare artistic digital/physical products, tailor made by the RAW artists.

How many types of NFTs will be created?

We will create burnable NFTs, if you burn the nft you will receive the physical product at home, signed by us and the artist. Power ups for the interactive streaming or the physical match, the tickets will also be a nft.

How can I buy, farm or resell a NFT?

All will be possible in the factory and in the black market, the feature is actually on development. The estimated release date is at the end of the season 2.

Will I be able to create and resell my NFT?

Yes, you will be able to do it in the factory and resell it in the black market.

What type of merchandising will be available in the website?

Everything will be available as tokenized or standard products in a further section, gaming suits, collectionable guns and collaboration will be available in both ways.

How season 0 works?

As all the season, the participants will have to earn points to participate for free. Teams with less points will be able to buy the ticket and participate to the event. The minimum number of users for this season is 1500, the maximum is 25000.
If we will reach 25000 users before the end the season will become a superseason.

What are RAW events and when are they organized?

Raw events are both digital and live. Digital events are organized to let user play and earn points. During live events you will be able to fight IRL for glory and huge prizes.

When first match will be organized?

The season will start once the platform will reach 1500 subscribed users. Location and date will be announced during the season cause of the cities and community objectives.

I participated to an event, can I play again?

Till you will be able to earn points or buy the ticket you will always be able to participate. The winners of the events will receive a ticket for the next event.

How can I participate to a match?

If you want to participate to an event you need to have a membership, enough points or buy the participation ticket.

Where will I take guns and equipment?

Everything will be given by our team during the events.

What happens if my team doesn't have enough points?

You will be able to buy the ticket at the drop or try again and better next match. For the teams that are not able to participate their points will be exchangeable for RAW tokens.

How next season works?


Do you have a question?

Contact our support team and you will receive an email or send a message in the telegram group.

Please double check the entered inputs


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Address: Via Geretta 18, 6900 Paradiso, Lugano.